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Winex Clinic Advanced Plan

$44.99 / month

Winex Clinic Application Advanced Plan Provides:

●EMR (Electronic Medical Record)

●Clinical & Financial Management:

  • Create/Manage multiple services
  • Manage clinic schedules online
  • Manage appointments cancellation and its reasons
  • Manage and review multiple cashiers

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Product Description

Winex Clinic Application Advanced Plan gives you the ability to manage :

EMR (Electronic Medical Record):

EMR Management IconIt has the ability to create and manage patient medical files. It can store unlimited EMRs for all your patients. EMR in Winex application is consist of 7 sections which satisfy all physicians’ needs: General Exams, Specific exam which depends on physician specialty, diagnosis (standardized by ICD10), Procedure (standardized by ICD10), Medication, Investigation, and recommendations.
Winex Clinic Application also contain Patient past history which filled ones and reused in all upcoming medical records. You have the ability to add your own exams, procedure, diagnosis, and medications to reuse them as you need.
For each patient, you can review past history and medical report of each visit, or you can review the summary of patient case.
You can printout medical report, requested Medication, and requested investigations directly from the application for each visit.

Clinic Management:

Clinic Managment Icon Winex Clinic Application can manage your time schedule for all your clinics and branches. you can manage physicians that works with you and you have the ability to handle examination rooms. by other words you can control schedule of your rooms, physicians, branches.
You can manage patient reservations by Winex application. you can reserve patient date and you can record patient show time. You can handle cancelation of reservation and specify cancelation reasons, this gives you the ability to determine the most effective and highly ranked cancelation reasons. Clearly you can review your waiting room and show how many patients you have on it and what the appropriate order of each patient, even if you are managing multiple physicians and multiplespecialty.
Winex clinic application Automatically arrange your waiting room and each physician can know who will be the next patient. Physician can review the past history of the patient before the patient entered exam room. This gives physician the advantage of knowing all medical Info of the patient without any assistance.

Financial management:

Finance Management IconBy Winex clinic application, you can manage your income cash. You can specify services fees which latterly assigned to patient accounts. By Winex Clinic application, Patient can pay a part of the service fees and the remaining amount will be detected easily on the next patient visit.
Winex Clinic Application can automatically issues you receipts and you can print them directly from the application.
Each employee has his own cash flow, which mean that you can calculate the income by each employee. No interference between employees cashes, that makes you able to use more than one cashier and each one has his own cash drawer

Reports and statistics:

Report IconAs you will take the control of your business, you needs reports and statistics. By each moment, Winex grows up the reports and statistics of Clinic application to satisfy customers’ needs. You can also request a report to be generated to you as you asked. We imagined your needs, and the application starts with standard bulk of reports and statistics about each tiny data on the application.
You can export each report to most popular text formats like Excel sheets, PDF format,…etc.


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